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Welcome to Hiawatha!

As the Mayor of Hiawatha, I would like to welcome you to our community. As a longtime member of the community, I’m proud to say “we are from Hiawatha.”

If you are new to the area, we are so glad to have you. If you’ve been away for a while . . . .

Welcome back! You may be surprised at what you find here.

When you think of Hiawatha, you might associate it with our beautiful maple trees, or perhaps the nation’s oldest Halloween parade. Maybe you are familiar with our growing downtown business district or perhaps our school district….one of the best in the state.

You may know some of our local organizations that contribute so much to our city . . . . Hiawatha

Foundation for Economic Development (HFED), Hiawatha Chamber of Commerce & CVB, the Brown County Historical Society, Allied Community Enrichment Society (ACES), Kiwanis, Lions Club and many church groups.

Maybe you have heard that our local police department has become one of the premier law enforcement entities in northeast Kansas, or that we have top notch schools, a thriving medical community and comprehensive hospital.

Perhaps your thoughts turn to our beautiful parks, the City Lake, the Fisher Community Center, our aquatic park or, the walking and fitness trail. These are all great things about our city, but the real treasure we have here is the people . . . . good, honest, hardworking Kansans who make this a wonderful place to live, work, and raise and family.

Hiawatha has experienced economic growth over the last decade. Our unique location at the intersection of US Highways 36 and 73, good rail access, great people and a positive attitude all have us ready for continued growth!

We would sure like for you to be a part of it. Welcome to Hiawatha!

Bill Collins, Mayor Hiawatha, Kansas