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City Clerk

Vivian Constable has been the City Clerk since the first of March 2006. After completing three sessions of study through the Wichita State University’s program for the City Clerks and Municipal Finance Officers Organization (CCMFOA), and the completion of other program requirements, she earned her CMC – Certified Municipal Clerk status – in November of 2008.

The City Clerk position is a full-time, hourly, non-exempt appointed position and serves in an “at-will” status as determined by the governing body, under the supervision of the Governing Body and City Administrator.

The City Clerk duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Be the custodian of all the city records, books, files, papers, documents, and other effects belonging to the city,
  • In concert with the City Administrator carry on all of the official correspondence of the city as may be required,
  • Attend all meetings of the Board of Commissioners,
  • Make and keep a record of the proceedings and meetings of the Board of Commissioners pertaining to the city’s affairs transacted at any such meeting,
  • Maintain all personnel and payroll records and file the required corresponding reports,
  • Maintain custody of and catalog city ordinances, other official documents and records,
  • Ensure that all documents are publicly published as required by state statute,
  • Assist with preparation of temporary notes and bond transcripts for city projects,
  • Issue licenses and permits and maintain records therefore,
  • Assists the public with questions concerning municipal ordinances and procedures,
  • Supervise the maintenance of cash, expenditure and income registers,
  • Be responsible for all financial reporting, banking and investments,
  • Oversee the maintenance of City accounting records for both expenditures and revenues,
  • Assist the City Administrator with the maintenance of the City’s budget,
  • Assist the auditors with the year-end financial audit and reports of the City,
  • Coordinate City election notices and registration,
  • Be in charge of the issuance of and signs payroll and appropriation checks,
  • Maintain a Notary Public status to attest to the Mayor’s signature,
  • Work on special projects for the City Administrator,
  • Assist with the duties of Assistant City Clerk and Office Assistant as necessary,
  • Attend job related training as deemed necessary,
  • Other duties as assigned.