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Political Sign Ordinances-UPDATED

Public Elections are for both Primary and General Elections Updated per Ordinance 2083

“Political Election Signs”, not exceeding a total of four (4) square feet in area.

Political signs shall be displayed for no more than a forty-five (45) days period before and seven (7) days after a public election on which a ballot may be cast for the candidate or issue. 

Political election signs shall not be placed on or otherwise affixed to any public structure or sign, sidewalk, utility pole, street lamp post, tree or other vegetative matter and shall not be placed on or in any public park or other public property.  Political Election Signs may be placed on the unpaved right-of-way for city streets only if they do not exceed thirty-six (36) inches in height and are not placed in any manner that impedes sight lines or sight distance for safety reasons 

The City recognizes that the expression of political speech is an important and constitutionally protected right; that political election signs have certain characteristics that distinguish them from many of the other types of signs permitted and regulated by the City, including the fact that these signs generally do not meet the regular structural design of permanent signs, given their temporary nature; that political election signs therefore present a potential hazard to persons and property; and that the City must impose reasonable time limits on the display of political election signs for these reasons.